We would like to invite you, as a fellow barn lover, to join the new Just Barns Forum.
We are new to running our own forum, and it is in it's infancy.
The main reason we have for doing this, is we have been unable
to find a forum that dedicates itself strictly to just barns.
This will be our mission.
Not able to afford the big time bells and whistles forum formats, we have chosen
to go with this free to use site. It does run ad banners at times and that allows them
to cover the cost of their servers etc. We have no control over what content may be in
the ads. If you wish to ignore them , or if you wish to make use of them, that choice is yours.

Other than the ads the forum works very well. If you do chose to join us and
you have any questions about the forum please email us.
Or after you join and sign in you can PM us directly from the forum.

The rules for the forum are as follows:
" Our forum rules are very simple.
All members shall have a primary interest in barns.
All related posts and replies shall be barn related.
If your interest is in something other than barns, there are thousands
of other really good forums out there, that you should look into.
We define barns as a barn. Any size will do, from the smallest storage barn
to the largest old time farm barn, all are welcome. A barn is pretty much a barn,
whether it is used for animals or the happiness of humans.
If the moderators of this forum, feel that a member or a post,
does not meet these requirements, they, or it, will be removed."

The point we are making is this, the forum will be about barns.
There is nothing wrong with forums that are about other stuff
and we are on some very good ones,however
we want this one to be for the barn lovers out there.

Thanks and see you on the Just Barns Forum.


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