We are a retired couple that have been married for over fifty years as of 2010.
We bought this property and moved here from Texas in 2007. However we
are originally from New England where we spent our first fifty nine years.
We are now both seventy two and closing in on seventy three in a few months.

The property was very close to what Lin wanted and I also was fine with it.
The main missing ingredient was a lack of a garage and or work shop.
We decided that we would purchase the home and would build something
that would fit and look good with the home. Priority being that we would
build as much of it as we possibly could by ourselves. So far we have been able
to hold to that. If you have been on the whole site , you have seen that
we had to hire help with the tree removal and the 13 loads of fill to level out the pad.
Also we had to have help to pour the cement. Too much cement that dries
too quickly for one old guy to do. I did dig all the footings by hand
and half of the form work. All of the rest has been done by just the two of us.

We have been fortunate to overcome most of the obstacles except for the one big one,
We are located in central Arkansas and the weather here can at times be a challenge,
to say the least. But when it is nice, it is really nice. So we work around it as best we can.

We chose a Monitor Barn to build because of their looks and the extra space you
can get for the size of the footprint. However it is by far not the easiest to build.

We have put this site together in hope to show the pros and cons of how a DIY (do it yourself)
project of this size could be accomplished. And only to pass on some ideas that
might apply to others that are viewing it. Please be aware that these are only solutions
that may have worked for us and may not work for others.

Thanks for viewing, we hope that you have enjoyed it.

If you would like to comment you can do so from the main HOME page.


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